Express and delicious Squid for 2!

Hello everyone, let’s talk squid today!

Squid has a firm texture and a strong taste. If you would like a milder flavor, we recommend to remove the skin before you begin to cook it.

Squid is the ideal seafood to fry, grill or simply saute it! It is cooked in a matter of minutes and is perfect for those of you who enjoy cooking something fast and

This is a recipe we frequently use at home when we have no time, yet want to eat something delicious! If you like the recipe, let us know how it goes and share it with a friend or family member!

You click here to buy this excellent and fresh squid you so desire and it will be sent overnight to your home via UPS. We look forward to seeing pictures when you cook your squid with our recipe, you can share them on Instagram and Facebook!

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