Do you want to enjoy the best seafood products within the comfort of your own home?

Then, Sea Gourmet Club is for you!




Patricio Osses, founder and president of Pacific Specialties INC, has earned a reputation over the years as the most demanding and ingenious "fishmonger."

Patricio is an artist in his ability to excel within the fish and seafood market, which is highly competitive.  He is passionate about the work he does and his main motivation is the customer's enthusiasm for the extraordinary quality of the products.  The way he describes and talks about his products reflect the pride and confidence he has in achieving excellence. Patricio does not discriminate.  All customers, large or small, get the same service and quality. 

Having forged a successful career providing fish for chefs in iconic restaurants that range from from the Four Seasons to Oceana, Patricio has decided to diversify his business with Mirtha, launching Sea Gourmet Club, offering private chefs and home customers a unique service of fresh fish: door-to-door delivery in the New York metropolitan area of ​​high-quality seafood, personally chosen to satisfy the taste and lifestyle of each client. For households located outside the metropolitan area, Patricio's fish arrives through UPS overnight service in a professional wrapper that keeps the product fresh without freezing.   


Mirtha König-Osses, majored in Economics and has been the co-president with her husband Patricio of Pacific Specialties, Inc. for 20 years.   

“I have always enjoyed a healthy lifestyle, and it has been a priority for me to raise my family in the same way” states Mirtha. In their home, it’s always been about teamwork and in the kitchen too, they love cooking the freshly caught fish and seafood Patricio brings from the market and sharing their recipes with their family and friends.  Patricio focuses on cooking the fish while Mirtha helps make the side dishes and desserts.  At these gatherings, their friends often ask if they could get the same products. 


With this in mind, the idea of launching Sea Gourmet Club was born so others could experience this opportunity to receive these products in the comfort of their home.   


Mirtha’s passion for photography in captivating unique and special moments, the beauty of food and its decor along with her public relations skills has led her to take on the online marketing and sales division of Sea Gourmet Club.  We want to offer our private customers a unique and personalized service so they could have the best culinary experience. Sea Gourmet Club offers private customers an opportunity to receive the best and freshest fish and seafood.