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One Whole Fish $120 (Approx. 8 lbs) scaled & gutted


Best ways to cook:

  • Broil
  • Grill
  • Sauté
  • Poach
  • Raw - sashimi, Sushi or Ceviche

Fjord Trout (Whole Fish - Approx. 8 lbs)

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    Fjord Trouts are found in Norway’s leading aquaculture ocean and farmed within the icy temperatures of its natural fjords.   It is one of Seagourmet Club's favorite fish and has become a preferred product among our customers once they have tried it.  While many have deemed the fjord trout as the “lesser species,” it is quite rich in taste. The fish has a subtle sweetness and a milder taste than salmon.  It also has that same characteristic of velvety softness many of us love in salmon.  However, fjord trout has a firmer touch, which makes each bite a delightful surprise with both a smooth and hard texture.

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